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Corona Lasik Surgeon

Not far from Corona, the Pacific Eye Institute houses leading Lasik surgeons. These eye care specialist have studied the workings of the eye including how it works, how to repair it and how to take care of it. A Lasik surgeon understands the amount of trust that must be placed in them. Having the knowledge to be able to diagnose and treat your particular eye problem is something that they pride themselves on and work hard to achieve. Corona and other cities are lucky to have experienced doctors around whose main focus is to help their patients obtain the best vision possible.

Lasik surgery cannot be reversed, because of this, doctor's work hard to distinguish whether or not you are a good candidate right off the bat. The desired outcome is, of course, to have perfect vision. Although, any doctor will tell you that going into any surgery with realistic expectations is really the best way to proceed. Your eye is fragile; therefore any procedure is a serious one.

There are as many reasons to undergo Lasik surgery as there are not to undergo it, such as:

  • Lasik surgery is still new, so knowing if there are any long-term ill effects beyond five years after surgery is unknown.
  • You may need additional surgeries called 'enhancements' to get the best potential vision after Lasik.
  • Lasik surgery can't be reversed.
  • Most insurance companies do not cover this surgery.
  • Your doctor may feel that it may cause too big of a risk for your eyes.

Only after a complete examination and thorough consultation can you really be sure you are a good applicant for Lasik surgery. Work together with your ophthalmologist and find a course of treatment that will best suit your eye care needs.

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