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Inland Empire CK Surgery

The pacific Eye Institute has become one of the finest ophthalmic care facilities in the Inland Empire. In addition to primary care services, the Pacific Eye Institute has been a leader in Lasik since 1996. We have provided quality eye care to the Inland Empire since our Director and Founder, Dr. Robert Fabricant, opened the first office in Upland back in 1981. We have expanded since then, offering locations throughout the Inland Empire. We have also expanded our vision correction services and now offer CK surgery.

CK Surgery is a procedure designed to treat presbyopia, or farsightedness, using the controlled release or radiofrequency energy, instead of a laser or scalpel, to reshape the cornia. For more information on CK surgery, please contact one of our Inland Empire locations to schedule your free consultation. It is important to understand the procedure as well as your options before making a decision. Your visit to one of our Inland Empire locations will help you gain the information you need to help determine if CK surgery is right for you.

Get more information on CK surgery and request an appointment to one of our Inland Empire locations.