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Riverside Lasik Surgeon

Finding a qualified Lasik surgeon in Riverside isn't hard at all. When you know what to look for, the process and the worries that come along with it are cut in half. Here at the Pacific Eye Institute, we've been a leading the field in Lasik since 1996. There are definitely some important things to know about your surgeon before your surgery>. Once the decision is made to under Lasik, the next important decision is made, who to perform it.

An experienced ophthalmologist is always best because his specialty is eyes and there's a good chance that he will be the most knowledgeable on the subject. Ask questions to get to know their views and practices. Your ophthalmologist should be a part of the Lasik process from start to finish, meaning that they should perform the majority of the preoperative exam, as well as observe your eyes in the weeks and months following your surgery.

A couple of things you may want to consider when choosing an eye care professional are:

  • Choosing a surgeon who makes Lasik surgery a main part of their practice.
  • Choose a surgeon who can fully explain not only the benefits of the surgery but the risks as well.
  • Ask where he plans to perform the surgery.
  • Ask how many he has performed.
  • What are the costs?

Your surgeon understands that you may be nervous and have questions. The Pacific Eye Institute is here to answer your questions and help you decide whether or not Lasik eye surgery is the right path for you.

We would love to hear from you. Please contact one of our locations today to schedule an appointment with one of courteous eyes care professionals. Better vision may be just a phone call away.

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