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The goal of our physicians and staff is to provide the best care to our patients each and every day. We feel honored when patients share a positive experience with us.  Read what some of our patients have to say about their recent visit to Pacific Eye Institute. If you’d like to provide feedback regarding a recent visit, click here!

Layer 6

“Thank you for your excellent skill and knowledge in performing my cataract surgery and giving me new vision. Everyone was very efficient and friendly. You all made me feel comfortable and well cared for.”

Dr. & Mrs R. , Patient
Layer 3

“I felt very confident selecting Pacific Eye Institute to perform my surgery, and I couldn’t be more pleased. When I was looking for a doctor, everyone I spoke with recommended you. Your staff is very friendly and helpful. You all eased my anxiety by explaining everything to me as it was being done. Thank you very much.”

Marilyn G. , Patient
Layer 8

“There are numerous centers in the Inland Empire and the decision to go to one over the other is not easy. I chose Pacific Eye Institute Laser Center because Dr. Fabricant’s reputation within the community as an eye surgeon is outstanding. Additionally, Pacific Eye has been a part of our community since 1981, unlike many LASIK centers that have popped up within the past few years to simply capitalize on the LASIK boom. My 20/20 vision confirms the fact that Pacific Eye Institute Laser Center is the place to go.”

Mark L. , Patient
Layer 15

“I waited fifteen years before I decided to have refractive surgery. After viewing Pacific Eye Institute’s website and reading the testimonials of all the people who had successful outcomes, I then knew that this was for me. I’ve worn glasses and contact lenses since I was nine years of age. Dr. Fabricant and his All-Pro Staff are the most thorough medical staff I have ever experienced. They have scored a touchdown in my life! My vision has gone from 20/200 to 20/15. They truly belong in the Hall of Fame for refractive surgery.”

Former NFL Player | San Diego Chargers , Patient
Layer 18

“I found that the care I received at Pacific Eye Institute was kind and most professional. I may have the best vision of my life since receiving multifocal implanted lenses after cataract removal.”

Roger M.
Layer 20

“Dr. Dovich & Staff: I sincerely appreciate ALL you have done for me this past year! I don’t think I’ve ever met a group of people as caring as you are.”

Penelope T. | Victorville CA , Patient
Layer 13

“Amazing! You all are simply amazing! In every step, I could see each piece of the puzzle coming together as each of you performed your specialty precisely! Fabulous teamwork! Thank you all!”

Susan C. , Patient
Layer 10

“Dear Staff & ER team & Dr. Dovich, M.D. I received the best care from you guys, better than from any medical institution, of any kind, in my life. I was mighty pleased to have my surgery, pre-op and post-op care done by this Institute. You don’t know how much it means to a patient to know that the [surgeons and staff] care so much. You made me feel so comfortable and well cared for, I am giving you the highest recommendation I can imagine, and I’m grateful for it.”

Kenneth T. , Patient
Layer 32

“Dear I would like to express my highest professional regards to you and your staff. I just want to say I have never been treated so well as I was by you and your nurses during my recent cataract surgery. The staff that took care of me in the back room were absolutely the friendliest and the kindest crew I have ever seen. Each and every one of them made me feel like I was so special. I can’t get over how friendly and courteous they treated me. There ought to be more staff around this country like them. Of course, I was very pleased with what you did to my eye. Thank you again. If you ever need a reference on behalf of your eye surgeries, please have your patient call me and I would refer them to you as the best I have ever seen. Thank you again for everything.”

Capt. William L. (ret) | Northwest Airlines , Patient
Layer 23

“Estimado Dr: Deseo expresarle mi gratitud por el trabajo efectuado en la operación de catarata en mi ojo izquierdo. Su instituto mostro varias fases deseables en su profesión, entre ellas, 1 – “Las citas fueron puntuales”. Gracias, no empleamos tiempo en largas esperas 2 – “Cortesia y amabilidad humana”. Todo paciente necesita un oido que le escuche y una sonrisa de calma a los nervios y todo su personal la tuvo para conmigo. 3 – “La presentación escrita y en video”. De la información a mi caso me ayudo a calmar mis dudas. 4 – “La operación y todo el proceso”. Se llevo a cabo con mucho profesionalismo, tecnicismo y sobre todo un fuerte sentido de logro por parte de personal. Dr. Fabricant, gracias, usted hizo un trabajo excelente, y a todo quien necesite de su servicios, Lo recomendare.”

Dania I. , Patient
Thumbs Up

“I didn’t even know the procedure had started and it was done!”

John B. , Patient

“All the staff was friendly, kind, helpful, etc – both in Victorville and Upland so far . . . a very positive experience.”

Anne P. , Patient
Layer 19

“Twenty years ago, my eyesight began to change. Bookkeeping was hard to concentrate on and my contact lenses were becoming difficult to wear. I was sent to Doheny Eye Clinic in Los Angeles and was told the condition was due to coning of the cornea and I would probably lose my eyesight completely in seven years. I was desperate and asked anyone I could about the disease. As fate would have it, about the same time, Dr. Robert Fabricant was studying corneal transplants in New Orleans. I was put in contact with him and thus began the marvelous journey, under his care, including two corneal transplants and, later, two cataract surgeries, resulting in excellent vision today!! His staff, at Pacific Eye Institute, has always been very professional and caring. Some have even been with him the twenty years I’ve been a patient. A first-time patient, or one of twenty years, receives the same attention and degree of quality care.” To me, he will always be DOCTOR FAB!”

Arlene B. , Patient
Layer 11

“I am 51 years old and my myopia was in the severe range (-14.5/-14). I had been wearing glasses since I was in 2nd grade and contact lenses since high school. I had been considering LASIK for several years before finally deciding to seriously pursue it. When I met with Dr. Fabricant, however, he suggested that I consider ICL because of my severe nearsightedness. He said that the ICL operation was probably my only option to achieve the results I wanted. My initial research on ICL was very impressive and the valuable information Dr. Fabricant provided reinforced my decision. I scheduled the ICL surgery on my right eye the first week in June and my left eye 2 weeks after. The procedure only took about 20 minutes, but the results were miraculous. My latest eye exam gave me the results I have been longing for since 2nd grade – 20/20 vision! It is the greatest feeling when you first open your eyes in the morning and are able to see clearly! Thank you very much, Dr. Fabricant, for giving me a new life.”

Daisy T. , Patient
Layer 22

“Dr. Robert N. Fabricant is a ‘miracle worker. My failing sight came with age, and threatened to end my career. In a few “pain-free-moments” he restored my ability to read my radio and television scripts, and the teleprompter.The good doctor’s expertise is a blessing to me and countless others.”

George P. , Patient
Layer 33

“Mi agredecimiento a Dios y luego a Pacific Eye Institute con su Director Médico el Dr. Robert N. Fabricant M.D.F.A.C.S., quien efectuó una cirugia en mi ojo izquierdo, mostrando su alto conocimiento y práctica professional. También agradezco a todo el personal del Departamento de Cirugia de la Clinica en UPLAND y el centro en Victorville. Gracias a todos, porque ahora me encuentro, SANA, CONTENTA Y Feliz de la Vida”

Alicia C. , Patient
Layer 35

“Before my initial consultation at Pacific Eye Institute Laser Center I was very skeptical about laser eye surgery and the results it would deliver for me. The friendly and experienced staff at Pacific Eye Institute Laser Center erased all of my doubts and hesitations during my first visit to the Center. The procedure only took 15 minutes, it didn’t hurt at all and I had 20/20 vision the very next day. I recommended Pacific Eye Institute Laser Center to all my family and friends. Thank you Pacific Eye Institute Laser Center.”

Chuck F. , Patient
Layer 41

“I am 60 years old and have been wearing glasses since I was a small kid in grammar school. And now I can see without glasses. The folks at Pacific Eye Institute Laser Center were absolutely wonderful, they made the whole process quick, simple and easy, I just wonder why I waited so long to do it.”

Kenneth F. , Patient
Layer 2

“I had worn glasses and/or contacts for 36 years. My eyesight was so bad I couldn’t see more than a couple of feet away. I had no interest in laser eye surgery until a couple of friends had it done with successful results. So I thought I would at least inquire about it, I found your staff to be professional, courteous and very helpful with any questions I had. The procedure was routine and exactly as described. I love my better then 20/20 eyesight! I give the Pacific Eye Institute Laser Center my highest recommendation. Thanks again to you and your staff.”

Stephen D. , Patient
Layer 44

“Since having the LASIK procedure performed, it has eliminated the awkwardness of wearing glasses. Dr. Fabriciant is GREAT – he answered all my questions, put my mind at ease in making my decision and surgery was a complete success. Thank you!!”

Former Chief Martin T. , Patient
Layer 13

“Now that I’ve had the LASIK procedure done for 3 months, I truly value and enjoy my vision more. It’s like listening to live music with your eyes. Every day I wake up, open my eyes and smile. The team works very well together to provide a relaxed and successful surgical experience. I have already recommended the Lasik procedure done by Dr. Fabricant and the Pacific Eye Institute Laser Center to my family, friends and co-workers.”

Dan W. , Patient
Layer 7

“It is simply amazing! What else can I say about the eyesight that I now have as a result of the Lasik procedure performed at Pacific Eye Institute. It has now been a year since my procedure and my eyesight is better than ever. Everyone at Pacific Eye Institute Laser Center was very helpful and professional. “What I really appreciate was how warm and friendly everyone was. This was the easiest and most painless medical procedure that I’ve ever had. After wearing glasses for more then half my life, it is wonderful to now have 20/15 eyesight and no longer need my glasses. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! “

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